Earl's Music Room

Earl's Music Room (EMR) is both an actual room in Earl Cahill's actual home and a virtual room that could be anywhere in the world. The vision is that musicians come to EMR to perform and talk about music. EMR is also a YouTube channel where the videos can be viewed. At least to start, EMR will focus on piano music.


Here are some goals of EMR in no particular order

Some few terms

Some few notes
Performer preparation

Ideally, the performer would just show up and play, but I am convinced that to have success, we need to do more than that. There are a few things that the performer may likely do just for the purposes of EMR, but the hope is that such effort will pay off.
"Popular" pieces

If EMR is going to have success folks need to find it and what better way to find it than by having pieces that folks are looking for. Just because a piece is "popular" does not mean it is bad music. It isn't the piece's fault that folks like it :) It is important that everything you perform for EMR is something you love, including this piece. I am open to other pieces, but some examples
a timelapse piece

Earl is a big fan of shooting timelapses and would like to put music to timelapses, kind of like he did here. The piece will likely just be selected from the performer's normal repertoire. Generally, these pieces would be fast and under two minutes, but I am open to suggestions. The timelapse video would likely have to be completed after leaving the locale. The Hong Kong timelapses were shot over parts of, I believe, three or four days and nights.

The timelapse piece would include some shots of the performer, not just timelapses :)

Desired programs

Here are a few programs that I would be pretty thrilled to film
EMR comes to you

I would be thrilled if a group of excellent pianists reached out to have me to have me come record them. Here's a few things I would need
Questions, suggestions, interest

Please email Earl accordingly

Ilya Shmukler - Parkville

Sergey Belyavsky - Parkville

Kaden Larson - Pleasant Grove

Changyong Shin - Harlem

Kaden Larson - Provo

Changyong Shin - Harlem

Anna Han - Harlem

Dominic Cheli - Harlem